It is often said that art is an expression of your thoughts and your beliefs. Much of an artist’s true nature is revealed in the way he/she carves his/her piece of art. By “Art”, I mean any form of art, be it writing, painting, photography, dancing or any other form of art. It is just […]

I Riya was lying on her bed in an unconscious state. Vikram sat beside her, holding her hand gently. He looked at his wife and then at the doctor. His eye brows were constricted into a furrow and his face wistful. The doctor enquired, “Does she have any kind of stress?” “No”, answered Vikram. “Is […]

Placing a small white candle in her hands, he said, “Just focus on the flame and be with yourself.” Then there was a complete silence and darkness in the room. The only source of light was the candle. She gazed at the flame constantly as the candle melted. The flame flickered and danced at its […]

She walks down the path through the woods. The road was lined with laburnum and eucalyptus trees. A bend in the road hides her home from the view, the place which was her very own a few moments ago. Ever since she married, she had spent her entire life nurturing her new family and home. […]

Darkness falls from the wings of night covering the entire sky in a black sheet. The maiden of light, the moon, plays hide and seek with the dark messengers of Lord Indra, and the stars watch her gleefully. Observing the dark sky, and its beauty, one couldn’t help saying ‘Black isn’t beautiful, it’s sublime!’ Black […]

He read it all over again with tears glistening through his eyes. The last letter!! His mind was filled with the memories of the past. Father’s sudden demise and a lonely childhood had left deep scars on his heart. He remembered the day when he was standing at the corridors of the boarding school accompanied […]

Ruskin Bond, ‘our very own resident Wordsworth in prose’ has always continued to inspire the young literary minds through his simple, pure and lucid way of writing. I believe the best part of Ruskin Bond’s writing is the way he weaves together wit, warmth, candor, nostalgia, charm, underplayed humor, and quiet wisdom. Although nature is […]