Let’s Recapitulate the Passing Year…

Jaate hue saal muje ache nahin lagte”, said one of my colleague.
The line though said in a casual manner somehow resonated within me. Once again an year is coming to an end and a new year is ready to spread its wings. Felt like the entire year passed in a jiffy!
Some things learned and unlearned…So many yet to learn…
So many moments treasured and many more yet to come!
Little sadness for the passing year, and little excitement for the upcoming year of infinite possibilities…
But yes indeed, there is something that I don’t like about the passing years. They remind me that life is transient, and there is so much I haven’t yet accomplished, so many wishes that I haven’t yet fulfilled, so many memories yet to be collected, and of course, they do remind me that we are growing up.
However, at the same time it gives me the momentum to keep going and live life my own way!
Overall, 2014 was a wonderful year! Looking back I believe, I lived by the principle, “Mediocrity stands nowhere. Either give your 100% or don’t give it anything at all. Be it your work, your hobby, your relationships, or your goals”. Perhaps, my teacher and guide instilled this in me. Though, I failed sometimes but still managed certain things fairly well. The year 2014 saw strengthening of old friendships, fond memories with family, appreciation at the workplace, pursuing of some hobby goals, and some setbacks and failures as well. Some beautiful learnings that came along the way:

  1. Either do something completely, or don’t do it at all. There’s no point being mediocre, it gets you nowhere. A lesson taught by my teacher which I realized practically, and followed throughout.
  2. There are different ways of looking at things, situations, issues, and people. One way is using your own lens to see the world and the other is seeing the world through other’s perspective-using different lenses. Neither of the two ways is good or bad. One gives you your own vision and perspective while the other teaches you empathy. However, use them carefully and wisely.
  3. It’s better to accept people the way they are rather than trying to change them. It helps you to be at peace with yourself.
  4. Try not to be extremely engrossed in other people’s quarrels or issues, though they might be close to your heart. Because, eventually they will again come up together despite all the issues and prejudices, making you feel completely ridiculous and idiotic. Thanks to my teacher who indirectly made me realize this!
  5. Love is not about binding or holding the other person to you. It’s about letting the others fly freely in their own sky and reach their destination. It’s all about giving and watching them grow and succeed.
  6. Being grateful for what you have, is what we often fail to realise. Make gratitude a part of your life!

Few things to work on in the upcoming year: Anger Management, Health, and Self Discipline. Not to forget, avoid cribbing on petty issues. I have been doing it more often, lately.
Let’s welcome the New Year with a small poem:
Lord, give me a quiet mind,
That I might listen;
A gentle tone of voice,
That I might comfort other;
A sound and healthy body,
That I might share
In the joy of walking
And leaping and running;
And a good sense of direction
So I might know just where I’m going!”
                     -Ruskin Bond
2014 you will be missed!


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