* This book review has been published at http://www.womensweb.in/ “But you are innocent,” said Lakshman, tears streaming down his face. ‘And if I was not? Would it then be socially appropriate and legally justified for a husband to throw his woman out of his house? A jungle is preferable to such an intolerant society.’ The daughter […]

* This book review was written for “Views on News” magazine. Published at: http://viewsonnewsonline.com/. This fourth book by the chief editor of The Indian Express uses magic realism to show the highs and lows of city life. Through his lyrical and lucid prose, author Raj Kamal Jha weaves a tale of modern India, where violence, […]

It is often said that art is an expression of your thoughts and your beliefs. Much of an artist’s true nature is revealed in the way he/she carves his/her piece of art. By “Art”, I mean any form of art, be it writing, painting, photography, dancing or any other form of art. It is just […]