For you dad…

I read it somewhere, “Find your best friends in your family first”. Well, I do consider myself blessed with few really good friends whom I believe would stay by me through thick and thin. However, thinking about best friend in the family then it has to be my dad! I would rather say my first friend in life 🙂
Though I don’t get to spend much time with you these days but even distance has not changed anything in our relation. Coming home from the school, you were the first person I called giving each and every detail of school, friends, teachers, class tests, terminal exams, and everything whether relevant or irrelevant. And now when the time to leave the office approaches, I rush out to make you a call giving each and every detail of my office and the entire day. Time has changed but we haven’t and we won’t. Despite being away, we are still together.
When I retrospect, I find you there in each and every phase of my life. From introducing me to the fascinating world of science and literature by narrating me various stories of Keats, Byron, answering my questions like is the earth round, teaching me how to ride a bicycle, getting my stationary items, escorting me to the school, then for the college, and now at the railway station, you have been there for me always. And, I believe one of the reasons for my interest in writing and literature are you. And, perhaps books became my best friends away from home because they provided me comfort whenever I missed our conversations. Perhaps, literature connected us even more strongly when I was a kid. And, it does even now because we still discuss it. Not only just literature we also discuss various aspects of life and our deepest desires and secrets. Though nowadays, you bring into our discussion only one topic which I abhor the most- Marriage. And whatever reason I might give, you just close it with a smile and a typical dialogue, “We will see”. (God knows what?) Never mind, we will indeed see.
Since every relation is incomplete without small fights and arguments, we too have our share of arguments. Some arguments are just for fun because we both like teasing each other, sometimes we are serious but you do listen and value my opinion and agree with me (well, agreement has been only 10% of the times). Sometimes you annoy me just because you love my scolding. But you have to admit I love you more and your argument, ”Children always think that they love their parents more but the parents know that they are wrong”, is not correct.
Every one is celebrating father’s day today. Though I do believe that we celebrate our relation every day, but it is good to make you feel extra special sometimes. So, here I am wishing you a very happy father’s day. Thank you for being my best friend.
This post will be incomplete if I don’t wish my uncle (Chachu) who has always been a fatherly figure for me. Thank you for stitching my school uniforms, cooking special meals on Sunday’s for us, and for all your love.
Happy father’s day to both of you and the entire dad’s out there 🙂


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For you dad…

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