The Flame

Placing a small white candle in her hands, he said, “Just focus on the flame and be with yourself.” Then there was a complete silence and darkness in the room.
The only source of light was the candle.
She gazed at the flame constantly as the candle melted. The flame flickered and danced at its own reflection in the melted wax. Watching intently at its blue portion, she allowed her mind to quieten and let the thoughts which were there to drift by. She could witness some happy memories and smiling faces of her loved ones in that flame.
From somewhere, a mild wind came and tried to blow the candle. She quickly covered it with her hands, trying to protect it. She could feel the warmth of the flame on her fingers. They comforted her, and she was calm, relaxed, and at peace with herself. During certain moments, she felt as if she was the flame herself. She felt the struggle of the flame, flickering and yet surviving, as her own. Just like the way she was struggling to reach her zenith, surviving all the odds.
A couple of minutes later, he came and switched on the lights. Then he commanded, “Put off the flame.
She gazed at the flame for one last moment, and reluctantly blew it off.

*This short story is about an experience on candle light meditation.White-candle-flame-2

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