On Friendship.. :)


Once again, Calvin and Hobbes are at its best!
When I came across this comic strip, I couldn’t help but marvel at the creativity that Bill Watterson, the creator of this comic strip is endowed with. Though many great thinkers and personalities have said so much on Friendship, rarely does one blends it with subtle humour, to bring forth the profound message. Nevertheless, I didn’t mean to write this up to praise Bill Watterson but because his thoughts on friendship echoed with mine.
People are friends because they WANT to be, not because they HAVE to be. Unlike other relations, friendship is always mutual. We have to be nice to a distant relative, whom we may not have seen for a long time, as we have no other option. We can love someone, without even the other being aware of it or reciprocating it. But we can’t be friends with someone without the other person wanting it to be. Perhaps, that is why it is said, “Friends are the family we choose ourselves.”
Further, “If your friends are contractual, you don’t have any.” A powerful statement indeed! For when you try to control the other person, you cannot be friends. For friendship is about accepting the other person the way they are, and choosing to be with them despite their flaws. Maybe, this is true for any relation to be successful. And, when you try to control or dominate the other person, the friendship ceases to exist.
Your friends define who you are. And, I feel glad to have few whom I can rely on for anything. Sometimes they act like a mirror bringing me back to reality when I tend to forget myself, sometimes they are a rainbow of happiness bringing me calm and peace, and sometimes they act like face readers sensing your deepest thoughts without words. And as Ruskin Bond puts it, “I call friends those for whom I have an affection, for whom no sacrifice is too great; and because I have not a multitude of them, I value the few.” And, I do not judge them, for I accept them for who they are.
Also, the sweetness of friendship lies in those little moments when you laugh, share, care, and even cry together. Those tiny moments which you collect and treasure in your heart such as a distant friend calling up after a long time just to say hello, when your favourite music changes to whatever crap your friend hears, when you are forced to visit the market dressed in your pink pyjamas and blue top to buy some random stuff, when you are still waiting for your last year’s birthday gift to reach you because your friend always forget to bring it along, when you tease each other with the names of the most annoying persons in their lives, when you plan to gift a dictionary to your friend who always replies with an ‘Ok’ and several other when’s.

And, Friendship makes each day a celebration!
As Khalil Gibran puts it, “And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

So, a big thanks to all my friends for their friendship 🙂
Just like Calvin and Hobbes explore new ways to live life to the fullest, I explore joy in every moment with them.

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4 thoughts on “On Friendship.. :)

  1. I have always believed that a great writer binds you, makes you one with his/her work and this is what happens to me when I scroll your blog. This reminded me of all the moments I have shared with them, all the annoying things we do to irritate each other and I am sure anyone who will come across this will feel the same way. It takes you on a ride down to the memory lane and leaves you with a smile. 😉

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