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Hi Folks,

I am Sonalika Arora. I am a software tester by profession but a writer at heart. Writing is my passion, hence I am here. It is my way to express myself and an escape into my own world. I like to write about my experiences and takeaways from life, short stories, book reviews and anything I feel strongly about.

Since, I have a keen interest in literature and “Daffodils” by Wordsworth being my favorite poem. Hence, the name of my blog. Further, daffodils symbolise new beginnings and rebirth and this blog of mine marks the new beginning for me into the world of writing.

I believe in the saying, ” You only get one life. So make the best of it.” Hence, live every moment, spreading the smiles and love.

If you wish to say anything, then you can contact me at “Sonalikaarora8@gmail.com“.

Thank you 🙂


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