Have you ever really bonded with a book? A book you keep going back to time and again? A book which is your comfort in the darkness? “Rain in the Mountains – Notes from the Himalayas” has been one such book for me. I have read many of Ruskin Bond’s work, but this has been […]

Woke up to a rainy Sunday morning, searched for my phone and checked the time. 8.30 am. I go back to sleep again. Well, not exactly sleep, just tossing around in the bed for few more minutes. The thought of having a full day to myself and no office, makes me happy. I thank god […]

Piya Behrupiya Produced by Company Theatre Directed by Atul Kumar India Habitat Centre It takes a completely wild imagination and a disciplined eye to be creative. And no one proves it better than Atul Kumar, the artists of ‘Piya Behrupiya’, and every single person behind the curtains of this play. The audience at the Stein […]

A book is the best gift that you can give yourself. It cheers you up on a gloomy day, takes you to places without even moving your feet, and stays with you forever. And if you go back to it after a long time, the pleasure derived from it will always be there. My friendship […]

This book review was first published at “www.boloji.com“. Introduction Our very own resident Wordsworth in prose, Ruskin Bond, recounts the first twenty one years of his life in his memoir ‘Scenes from a Writer’s Life’. They formed the most emotional, impressionable, and vulnerable year of his life. The first twenty one years were his formative […]

This book review was published at “www.boloji.com”. HL: Draupadi’s dilemmas Introline: this book brings her alive through conversations and dreams. unlike the usual stories of Mahabharata, here, the woman is kept in the forefront By Sonalika Arora “Only a fool meddles in the Great Design. Besides, your destiny is born of lifetimes of karma, too […]

I read it somewhere, “Find your best friends in your family first”. Well, I do consider myself blessed with few really good friends whom I believe would stay by me through thick and thin. However, thinking about best friend in the family then it has to be my dad! I would rather say my first […]

* This book review has been published at http://www.womensweb.in/ “But you are innocent,” said Lakshman, tears streaming down his face. ‘And if I was not? Would it then be socially appropriate and legally justified for a husband to throw his woman out of his house? A jungle is preferable to such an intolerant society.’ The daughter […]

* This book review was written for “Views on News” magazine. Published at: http://viewsonnewsonline.com/. This fourth book by the chief editor of The Indian Express uses magic realism to show the highs and lows of city life. Through his lyrical and lucid prose, author Raj Kamal Jha weaves a tale of modern India, where violence, […]