Midnight Musings

“Mind in its own place itself, can make the heaven of hell and hell of heaven”.

True indeed!! Our mind controls our thoughts, which in turn, control our actions and our feelings. How strange it is that a certain moment we are over the moon, and just a few minutes late you might find yourself sulking for no reason. As swiftly as the thoughts change, you experience a mood swing. Perhaps this is the reason you are advised to have positive thoughts. Maybe this is the reason, I am writing at this moment, when I am utterly alone in the room (with my roommate sleeping beside me), to give a vent out to my suppressed feelings or the frustration, which I find difficult to do otherwise. And what better therapy than writing to be happy!!
Often daily rote routine and day’s hard work gets on my nerves and I find myself contemplating on thoughts like ‘why am I doing this, why can’t life be easy’ and many other why’s. At certain moments, you might find yourself guilty for not being able to give time to your family and friends, for not being able to stand up to your own expectations, for not being able to do everything you wish to and so on. During those moments, I need to remind myself that “This is the path that I have chosen and this is the journey that I have to make, and there’s no turning back. It may seem hard at times, or a little monotonous, and even at times futile. You might feel guilty at times, but the guilt can’t be the change agent. You may not be able to give your very best sometimes, but its okay. Forgive yourself for that. As long as you never give up, it is perfectly okay. You might not be able to do everything you wish to, but enjoy what you are doing. Just keep moving on, because in the end, the journey is always beautiful.”

So, let’s hum this beautiful song:

“I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly,
I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky,
And I’ll, make a wish,
Take a chance,
And Breakaway……..


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