Morning: Seeing his daughter asleep till late in the morning, he smiled. He came near her, caressed her hair and started singing a melody, ”Mere ghar aai…..mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari…… ek nahi pari….chandni ke haseen rath pe sawaar…. mere ghr aai..ek nanhi pari.” The daughter opened her eyes slightly, and said, “Let me […]

You brought me in this world, gave me a beautiful life I’ve been your princess, ever since I opened my eyes. I took little steps of my life, holding your hands And whenever I astrayed, you made me understand. You sang sweet melodies to make me sleep at night, Whenever I was scared you were […]

*This blog post has also been published at Ever wondered that a comic strip can hold so many secrets to life? When I came across ‘Calvin and Hobbes’, the most popular comic strip worldwide, I was filled with awe and a regret at the same time. Regret that why had I missed such a wonderful […]