Black isn’t beautiful, it’s sublime!

Darkness falls from the wings of night covering the entire sky in a black sheet. The maiden of light, the moon, plays hide and seek with the dark messengers of Lord Indra, and the stars watch her gleefully. Observing the dark sky, and its beauty, one couldn’t help saying ‘Black isn’t beautiful, it’s sublime!’
Black – the colour of the universe!
It is the colour of power, the colour of fashion, and also the colour of mystery. Black marks the end. However, the end also implies that there will be a new beginning. Some say, black is the colour of evil. Some relate it with failures and rejection. Some find elegance and dignity in black. Some denote it with colour of skin and a human race. A colour with so many meanings! A colour only a blind man can see.
However, for me black marks the beauty of the night.
Night – a time when after days hard work you cherish sound sleep, a time when you stay awake to doze off in the exam the coming day, a time when you can pen down your thoughts, a time when you might get a chance to wish upon a falling star, and a time which marks the arrival of a new beginning – a new day 🙂

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