The Name is Bond….Ruskin Bond!!

m_id_424528_ruskin_bondRuskin Bond, ‘our very own resident Wordsworth in prose’ has always continued to inspire the young literary minds through his simple, pure and lucid way of writing. I believe the best part of Ruskin Bond’s writing is the way he weaves together wit, warmth, candor, nostalgia, charm, underplayed humor, and quiet wisdom. Although nature is the primary theme that runs in Ruskin Bond’s stories and novels, but amidst those writings I found some profound thoughts and words of wisdom. Moreover, the uniqueness in his writing lies in the fact that he writes about the ordinary things of life, on daily experiences, on his observations of people around, and of course, the beauty of nature in an extraordinary way.
I read a few of his works and they were enough to keep me mesmerized. Unknowingly, Mr. Bond gave me some beautiful learning’s on various aspects of life, some of which I have tried to capture below.
1. On Life
Whenever I read any of Bond’s writing, it makes me fall in love with life all over again.
Perhaps, it’s the innocence and purity in his writings which attracts his readers the most. Although, his parents estrangement, followed by the untimely death of his father – his emotional anchor- when Bond was just ten years old, left him deeply scarred and lonely but that could not blight his hope and optimism. In his loneliness, he retreated into the world of stories.
You will often find profound and deep thoughts reflected in his writings in a simple and innocent way.
When asked about life, he says, “Life is fleeting. So one should get as much enjoyment out of living, out of friendships, loving relationships, out of things that give pleasure whether it is books or films or any form of mentally stimulating satisfaction”.
2. On friendships
I have always loved and believed in the quote “Friends are the family we choose ourselves.” Your friends represent your world. Choose them with care and flaunt them with pride. In my life, I have made some friends, who became a part of my family and who made me a part of their life. When I read these lines, I found my own thoughts echoed back to me.
“I call friends those for whom I have an affection, for whom no sacrifice is too great; and because I have not a multitude of them, I value the few. They are the necessities of my life.”
– Scene’s from a Writer’s Life, Ruskin Bond
3. On Love
Well I don’t know much about love, but I do believe that the whole idea of love is to inspire you to be better (a better human being). You never fall in love, you always rise in love. And, love unconditionally. Why to make the person you love feel bounded by the strings attached? Never expect love to come back in volumes in which you give it to others. There is always a little that spills as it journeys back to you. Moreover, the people you love, be it your family, spouse, friend or anyone, will always give you strength, courage and a feeling of security in every situation. When I read these lines written by Ruskin Bond for his father, I was really touched.
“Love is undying; of that I feel certain. I mean deep, abiding, cherishing love. The love that gives protection even as you, my guardian angel, gave me protection long after you have gone – and continue to this very day….
A love beyond Death – a love that makes Life alive!”
– Scene’s from a Writer’s Life, Ruskin Bond

4. On Humility
Unknowingly Mr. Bond taught me a lesson on being humble.
“Why is humility so hard to come by? Most religions teach the wisdom of humility, but who listens?
Why so much pride when a little humility can get us far more by way of love and peace and happiness?”
– The Lamp is Lit, Ruskin Bond

5. On talent
As a child I loved the quote, “Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” But I never tried to appreciate my own art of writing much. It never occurred to me that by appreciating my own ‘Art’ and working within the limitations of my own art, I can achieve immense pleasure and satisfaction. Do what you know best, and do it best. Act impeccably and the things will fall into place.
“Love thy art, poor as t may be which thou hast learned, and be content with it, and pass through the rest of life like one who has entrusted to the gods with his whole soul and all that he has, making thyself neither the tyrant nor the slave of any man.”
– The Lamp is Lit, Ruskin Bond

Well, I can continue with my rant for long and it would not come to an end. And to all those who question “Why always Ruskin Bond?”. Because, there is no one else who chose to write about beauty of ordinary things of life with so much sensitivity and passion.

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