You don’t love me at all!


Seeing his daughter asleep till late in the morning, he smiled. He came near her, caressed her hair and started singing a melody,

”Mere ghar aai…..mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari……

ek nahi pari….chandni ke haseen rath pe sawaar….

mere ghr aai..ek nanhi pari.”

The daughter opened her eyes slightly, and said, “Let me sleep dad”.

“Come on, wake up”, said the father.

He tried to wake her up few more times but finally gave in.

Before leaving for work, he came to her back and whispered “I have kept something, your favourite, in the kitchen, hidden from the eyes of your brothers and sister. Enjoy!”

The daughter woke up excitedly, got ready and went to the kitchen. She found her favourite sweets kept in a corner of the refrigerator, grabbed the sweets, and started eating them surreptitiously.

An hour later, she called up her father and said, “Why didn’t you wake me up? You went to work without meeting me properly.”

“Don’t lie! I tried so many times. You were busy in the world of your dreams.” , smilingly he said.

Daughter made a childish face and said “Huh! You don’t love me at all! I am the only one who loves you. You don’t care for me at all”.

“Oh really!! Then who kept the sweets for you there in the kitchen?” said the Father.

“But still!! I love you more”, laughingly she said.

And they continued with their confabulations endlessly, most of the time the daughter blabbering about almost everything that went on in her mind and the father listening patiently, waiting sometimes for the talk to end so that he could begin with his day’s work.


She called up her dad and asked him to bring for her some books and stationary. Then again, both of them went on with their chit-chat. Most of the time their talks revolved around literature, science, history and of course, every tiny thing that daughter found interesting.

Hanging up she said, “Come home soon”.

Father,” Why?”

“Just like that!,” said the daughter.


He came home and she rushed to open the door. As he entered, she hugged him smilingly.

Then she asked, “You brought my books?”

“Oh shit! I bought the books but left them at my table. Sorry, will bring them tomorrow.” said the father.

Listening to this the daughter got furious.

“I asked you to bring them. How can you forget it?” said the daughter.

Then she went back to her room annoyed.

At dinner, she didn’t forget to give an angry look to her father. Looking at her face, the father smiled.

“Oh come on! I didn’t leave them at our shop intentionally.”

“I don’t want to talk to you! You don’t love me at all “ said the daughter making a childish face.

Father laughed out louder.

The daughter kept reminding her father that she was annoyed through her reactions.

Then again, he sang melodiously,


Kab tak Roothi rahogi….

Kab tak na hasogi….

Dekhoji kiran si lehraayi…..

Aai re ……Aai re hasi aai……”

And the daughter couldn’t help laughing.

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