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“But I have come to believe that the best kind of walk, or journey is the one in which you have no particular destination when you set out.”
   -Ruskin Bond
True lines, indeed!!
I have come to relate with these lines, much better ever since my journey of self realization and self dependence began last year. A journey, I was so afraid to make due to my own fears which kept whirling in my mind time and again. A fear that whether I am taking the right road or not! To my surprise, the journey taught me so much on various perspectives of life-success, failure, people, family, faith, trust and many more.
One thing that staying alone, away from home has taught me is ‘Valuing People’. The people we come across in our lives are meant to serve a purpose. We make friends with some, some we forget. They may be there for a short while and leave. But for the time they stay with us, they make our journey memorable by adding lighter moments to our life when the going gets tough. Sometimes they touch our lives by revealing to us our own strengths, shaping and moulding our thoughts, our beliefs! No doubt, we may have some bitter experiences as well. But that also brings some learning along.
Life is a long journey and we all have our own paths to follow. At every bend or turn, there is a fresh vista, interesting people and new challenges. However, only a few of those, whom we meet, make an effort to stay in our lives forever. They will take a different road, but they will constantly make an effort to stay in your life. They will take time out of their busy lives and make an effort to stay in touch. They will make you feel valued. Sometimes these efforts may just bring a smile on your face when you are feeling blue. Like a message/ a call from a friend after a long time. One should never let go off these people in our lives. They in turn teach us to add value to whomsoever we meet. Because, when we give value to someone, we give little portion/ a little time of our life to that person which is the best thing you can ever give anyone. Life is a strange humdrum affair, where even a few moments of peace snatched should probably be gratefully acknowledged.
Also, I have also realised that it’s much easier to get along with people, if we don’t let our so called prejudices and opinions get into way of knowing people. After all, we all are different and we must accept that.

Of course, there had been a lot to learn and still more is yet to come!

The journey I started last year has made me more open to new experiences, new challenges, new people, and life. And as far as my fear is concerned, well now it doesn’t matter which road I take, I know I will surely reach where I am meant to be.

*The year 2013 was the year of change. Starting with the internship as a Patent Engineer to working as an IT professional in an MNC, the journey has been full of learning. Thank you 2013!

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