To my dad..

You brought me in this world, gave me a beautiful life
I’ve been your princess, ever since I opened my eyes.393273_298007206887268_539389163_n

I took little steps of my life, holding your hands
And whenever I astrayed, you made me understand.

You sang sweet melodies to make me sleep at night,
Whenever I was scared you were holding me tight.

You are not just a DAD but my superdad,
A beacon light for all the paths I tread.

You take out time for me, inspite of your busy schedule
Patiently bear me with my never ending talks,
You know how to spoil me, and yet fix me right
With you around, whole world seems so bright.

You never let troubles and fear bother us, never let us feel blue
You keep holding on, struggling, fighting, like a captain for his crew.

You put on a sweet smile, hiding all your tears
Every action of yours is for the one’s you really care.

You are an embodiment of courage, an epitome of generosity
If God’s ever sent an angel, for me you it would be

Your love is unconditional, thoughts so noble and true
I feel so blessed to have a father like you

Following your footprints is the motto of my life
To make you proud, I will conquer every strife.

Whatever I am, Wherever I will be,
I will always be indebted to you,
And I promise to make your dreams come true.

Struggling life’s battle, you may get shattered and broken
Do not worry I am there for you 🙂

*I wrote this poem long time back for my dad on his birthday.

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